Welcome the BJ's Chopper Page.


I have put together pictures from my chopper build.

It's a Pro street style Soft tail frame. Made by Rolling Thunder.

6" out 2" down  44 degree rake in the neck with 6 degrees in the trees for a total of 50 degrees

I  purchased a Rolling Chassis from Grandeur Cycles

 TP 107"ci.  Motor built by Total Performance Inc.

with a Right side drive Baker 6speed transmission

Belt Drives Limited  open 3"  Primary

Wheels are by Weld Wheel Inc. the style is Star Burst Wheel

Foreword Controls are by Accutronix Inc. Tribal Style

Grips are by Accutronix Inc. Tribal Style

Hand levers are by Joke Machine  Inc.

Headlight by Headwinds  Inc.  Style is Vampire with matching front turn signals.

Rear turn signals are by Signal Dynamics. Turn signal module is also by Signal Dynamics

License Plate -Tail light is from Custom Chrome

Speedo by Dakota Digital Inc.

Air Cleaner is made by Grandeur Cycle.

I built the table lift while waiting for the delivery of the bike.

the table is 10ft long goes as low a 8" to as high as 32". I have about $300.00 in materials 

in the table Lift.



Home made Table lift. came in very handy. and gave me something to do while waiting on the bike.

this picture is from the Grandeur Web site .This all you get for 11,500.00 usd

est.$22k here

this is pretty much how the bike came to me after waiting 6 or 7 months .

3 months longer than they promised, Nothing but raw steel. 

I cheated a little and had them mount the Motor, tranny, and Belt Drive Primary. before sending it to Texas.

I couldn't wait, you see I already mounted a Pedal on this side and a grip. 

from the rear

Santee's Boa pipesGrandeur Air Cleaner

open primary belt

Accutronix's controls and grips

here I am marking my fenders for a little modification.

I cut.......... my self........pointed Chopper Style

Duel front calipers  4 pistons by Hawg Halters

after double triple checking the bike over . making sure everthing is how you want it

I disassembled the whole bike to get ready for chrome and paint.

Tank, and fender will be painted and everything else is Chromed or polished.

before sending the frame out to be chromed I buffed and sanded the whole frame.

Removing any bad spots that will be magnified after the chroming.

The frame had already been pre-drilled  to hide the cables and wiring.


I smoothed out some of the welds. all weld by Rolling Thunder were perfect.

some of the weld by Grandeur Cycle needed a little smoothing.

Sheet metal a smoothed up



the mummy returned,,,, Frame back from Chroming only took 3 weeks.

chroming by "Al's and Associates" in Fort Worth, TX

$1000.00 for Frame, Swing arm ,Oil tank, a few brackets


motor back in. all the blue tape is so I don't scratch anything.

Wheel on ,,,,,,,,,,,,Looks like a bike again.

the next set of Pictures are where the wire and cables are hidden in the frame

next, I worked on the handle bars.

the handle bars are made from Stainless steel

I hided the wires, brake lines and clutch lines in the bars so they don't droop down like a lot of bikes you see.

I would have ran them in the riser part of the bars if the dummies would have drilled them out before they welded then up.

so my only choice was to run them in the center.

i drilled two 1\4" holes side by side. then opened them up into 1 hole with my drimal tool..

nice part about SS is you can polish them back up.

I installed a Internal throttle . the cable runs through the bar instead of hanging down.

first pic i chop of a little of the rtside bar, then i weld the Internal throttle grip to the bar.

grind and polish it back up.


these are the wire going to the controls on the bars. 

Rt and  Lt turn signal buttons. horn button, starter button, High beam button. Brake light switch

thats 12 wires in the handle bars

this with the bars all clean up. 

looks pretty good if i say so my self

this is how the brake line runs in the bar. I am using a nylon  brake and clutch line.

made my Russell's Performance there ProSystem II  setup

the line on the right is the Russells ProII and the one on the left is A Goodridge -2 as you can see the out diameters are close to the same size . I think I will eventually change the nylon to Stainless.

bars all done



first you need to figure out how many wires and what gauge you will need to handle the loads of the different components.

14 wires going thru the back bone. feeding the handle bars and headlight and front turn signals.

6 wires for the Dakota Speedo

10ga to the headlight 22ga for the rest.

I used a polyofolin heat shrink tube . It has a rubber glue on the inside when heated it glues the whole bundle together 

below I heated the group of wires with a heat gun then I took a piece of pvc pipe crammed it in the neck waited for it to cool and pull it out and the wires stayed  curved to the side so the steering bolt would not rub the wires

here's the mess of wires

below is after the clean up

this is the panel mounted behind the oil tank but in front of the rear fender. It will have a polished Stainless Steel cover on it 

when polished . you won't be able to see it because of all the Bling .

this panel has . 

horn relay. High beam relay,   2- 30 amp breakers,  Controller for the Dakota digital Speedo.

Controller for the turn signals.

these are pics of the rear turn signals

single rear  4 piston by Hawg Halters


no wires seen




Oil lines

these are the fittings for the oil lines

the one in the middle is the factory oil line, note how big the ID hole is. but it's a push on type.

the ones on the left are the -6 aluminum (Blue) and a  -6 Stainless steel note how small these holes are

what I did was drill them out ....see the ones on the left of the center fitting

but the aluminum fitting (blue) looks weaken because it is so thin after drilling

so went with the Stainless steel ones.

I polished the  Stainless ones and stripped the Red and Blue anodizing off the ends and polished them up to add even more Bling

below is the finished hand built oil lines installed

close to $500 in oil lines



here sets the motor and transmission.

everything is taped up with  blue masking tape so I don't scratch the pretty Chrome and polished aluminum

installing the inner primary cover

Primary belt is on with the pullies and clutches

the bar in the middle is for torquing the front nut.

Ck this cover for the belt made by Rob Richardson at First Run Prototypes

Coil mount made by Rob Richardson At First Run Prototype

coil mount.jpg (75704 bytes)coil_Bdl.jpg (80123 bytes)






Installed a new clutch. 

Auto clutch by EFM  Auto Clutch

this is some trick Stuff.,  no need to hold the clutch in at red lights. just accelerate and go.  shift to the gears like normal., pull up to a red light and stop never touching the clutch lever, down shift back to 1st and then your off again.

ac_1.jpg (39415 bytes)

I polished mine 

below are the guts of the unit

ac_6.jpg (105559 bytes) ac_3.jpg (49525 bytes) ac_7.jpg (81966 bytes)


ac_23.jpg (78167 bytes) 

upon acceleration the balls sling out and press the Pressure plate to engage the clutch

ac_28.jpg (91893 bytes) all you do is add a clutch plate and a steel plate to the BDL setup.ac_31.jpg (52898 bytes)


had to do a little machining and spacing to make it fit behind the custom belt guard.

turned the hub down about a  .100"

 ac_10.jpg (30285 bytes) ac_11.jpg (40202 bytes)

paintedcoils2.jpg (110178 bytes) paintedcoils.jpg (96802 bytes)

new Wicked Image Shifter Linkage


I  made this custom mirror stem to mount the mirrors under the bars lt_mirror.JPG (43977 bytes)  had to change the angle to clear the tank., But then I found a good deal on some PYO  Power Mirrors.

Below is new Paul Yaffe Original Power Mirror

leftmirror.JPG (35934 bytes) I made my own spike nut DSC00184.JPG (522984 bytes) this one is on the shifter linkage.


Had to re-do the Fuel Tank. it started leaking into the rear stretch , you can see in the picture the little bubbles . that is the fuel bleeding thru the paint.

Bummer !

tankbottom.jpg (212330 bytes)tankbottom5.jpg (228441 bytes)

the new tank was built by Tim Young , in 2 weeks. Hand made.

bjtank2.jpg (76575 bytes) bjtank3.jpg (89409 bytes) bjtank5.jpg (84378 bytes)

 tanktop_sm.JPG (40974 bytes) tankright.jpg (172829 bytes) bikeleft_sm.jpg (46133 bytes)

He match the Shape and style of the tank perfectly. Which was important to me. And the mounting of the tank had to match the frame since the frame was finished in Chrome already. 


New painted tank by Keith Moody

newtankpaint2.jpg (75458 bytes)

Winter modification:

Below are pictures of the hard front brakelines I made. 

I made a Tee-bar for the front lines to mount to. And it's a combination headlight mount .

Out of aluminum, just use round stock and hex stock. and Polished

The lines are polished 3/16" stainless steel. The slip brackets are line clamps from Earl's. With  custom made Delron bushings I turned  on a lathe. 

The flex lines are  -3  I  hand made from Goodridge SS fittings. I polished.



brakelinebracket.jpg (30675 bytes) brakelinebracket1.jpg (62489 bytes) weld1.jpg (32148 bytes)


bikebrakeline.jpg (58452 bytes) frtbrakeline3.jpg (401771 bytes)


frtbrakeline2.jpg (74604 bytes) frtbrakeline.jpg (74017 bytes)



trans_bike.gif (343612 bytes)




bikeally1.jpg (1900869 bytes)bikeftw1.jpg (72344 bytes)


These are High Resolution Pictures 2.5meg each.

Pic003.jpg (2769063 bytes) Pic004.jpg (2640776 bytes)

bikeblur.jpg (307210 bytes)


2008 New Paint

Flat black

RightSide Leftside FatTire